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Call center software company, Aircall has reportedly topped 100 million dollars in annual recurring revenue.

Aircall reported annual recurring revenue of over $100 million and plans to grow in Madrid and Singapore as it prepares for a potential stock market IPO.

In addition, Aircall stated that its income had increased by 70% year over year since its most recent investment round in June 2021.

‘Just about six years since we generated our first million dollars in revenue, we are extremely happy to have reached this milestone. That is a clear sign of the desire for tech-solutions around the world’ said Jonathan Anguelov, the co-founder of Aircall.

Why $100 million in annual revenue was important?

The milestone of $100 million in yearly recurring income is crucial because it provides insight into Aircall’s performance in the competitive market. Besides, it takes them one step closer to the public scale.

This month, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron stated that by 2030, he wanted there to be at least 100 French technology “unicorns” (startups valued at $1 billion), up from the current 27.

‘We have a goal to create 10 tech behemoths in Europe over the next five years and to reach the achievable goal of around 100 unicorns by 2030, ‘Macron said at the VivaTech conference in Paris.

Key takeaways

As France aspires to compete with larger technology hubs in California, New York, and London, Aircall, which was introduced in 2014 in Paris, is seen as one of the success stories from the country’s technology sector.

In terms of being a center for technology and finance in Europe, Paris has historically trailed behind New York, California, and London. However, in recent years, the French technology industry has seen some high-profile funding rounds for select startups.