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The world’s largest enterprises increasingly spend on technology, according to Enterprise Technology Research. Spending was lower than expected, but the outlook remains positive.

When it comes to tech spending, large enterprises appear to be unphased by post-pandemic trends. According to Enterprise Technology Research, the slow economic recovery, geopolitical problems and ongoing supply chain problems have hardly affected enterprises’ technology expenses. Spending may be slightly lower than expected, but overall, the future looks bright.

Researcher Erik Bradley projects that most Fortune 500 companies will maintain typical investment levels in the long term. According to Bradley, recent dips were incidental.

Public cloud developments

Bradley reviewed expenses on public cloud services. Enterprises seem to spend less on AWS as of late. Meanwhile, Snowflake’s offering is gaining traction. Google Cloud and Microsoft are on the rise as well. Enterprise Technology Research listed AWS as the least-popular public cloud vendor for the world’s largest enterprises.

Bradley concludes that large enterprises are mainly investing in solutions for containers, data warehousing, data analytics and ML/AI. Investments in infrastructure-oriented solutions and applications are on the decline. AWS is an outlier and continues to thrive from true cloud-based computing solutions and IaaS services.

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