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A heatwave in Europe is causing outages in Google’s and Oracle’s UK data centers. The cooling systems were unable to cope with the steep rise in temperature, leading to service and network disruptions.

The United Kingdom recorded temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius on the 19th of June. The temperature led to cooling system failures in Oracle and Google’s data centers. Both companies had to temporarily stop services to prevent further damage.

Cooling system fails

Google Cloud faced cooling problems in one of the Europe West 2 cloud zone buildings. Services Compute Engine, Persistent Disk and Autoscaling failed as a result. A small of customers had their virtual machines terminated, according to the tech giant.

Although many services were restored, some Persistent Disk volumes still contain IO errors. Google Cloud requested affected customers to get in touch.

Oracle in trouble

Oracle faced a cooling system failure in its UK South (London) data center. The problem led to outages in the network infrastructure and services Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes, Infrastructure Compute, Infrastructure Object Storage and Integration. Meanwhile, the services are fully up and running. Oracle is currently lowering server temperatures and softening the blow caused by the outage.

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