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Microsoft released a preview of the Update Management Center (UMC). The tool allows administrators to manage updates for cloud-based and on-premises Windows and Linux servers.

The tool is an updated version of Microsoft’s existing Azure Automation Update Management service. Both tools allow administrators to manage updates for cloud-based and on-premises servers.

According to Microsoft, Azure Automation Update Management is too complex and error-prone for some administrators. Resultingly, the Update Management Center (UMC) came to be. Although the new tool seems preferable for most administrators, Microsoft indicates that Azure Automation Update Management remains available.

Functionality in UMC

UMC offers an overview of the compliance and deployment status of each Azure and Azure Arc server. Extensive filters allow for detailed queries in the large amounts of data that these overviews provide.

The tool also shortens the long-winded onboarding processes of Azure Automation Update Management. Servers can be connected quickly. Furthermore, UMC offers a range of features for patch deployments. Capabilities include periodic patch assessments and schedules.


The tool is in an early stage. Microsoft indicates that new functionality is underway, including support for new operating systems. Other future updates include improved patch management for Azure Arc workloads. Finally, UMC will soon allow third-party vendors to safely and quickly implement patches.

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