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VMware and IBM announced an extended partnership at VMware Explore 2022. The organizations want to help global customers and partners modernize mission-critical workloads and accelerate time to value in hybrid cloud deployments.

The partnership has been expanded to include IBM Consulting as a VMware GSI partner. Furthermore, the partners will provide new joint IBM and VMware Cloud products, cooperative development and a collaborative go-to-market strategy.

IBM and VMware intend to work together to assist clients in regulated sectors with the cost, complexity, and risk of transferring and upgrading mission-critical workloads in the cloud. Regulated sectors include healthcare, financial services and government.

A way to modernize and transform faster

Companies in regulated sectors are attempting to modernize key business operations in order to improve customer experiences and adhere to industry rules. The present economic situation makes restructuring programs for cloud deployment unfeasible for many firms, emphasizing the importance of a more rapid modernization approach.

The proposed IBM and VMware services are intended to give businesses more options and flexibility in executing their digital transformation goals.

Howard Boville, Head of IBM Cloud Platform, said that in today’s market, companies want to quickly modernize and upgrade operations. However, he added, modernization and innovation should not come at the expense of customer security and confidence.

What the partnership aims to accomplish

Ecosystem partnerships like the one between IBM and VMware are crucial to assisting some of the world’s most prominent organizations in efficiently and securely modernizing their workloads while enabling flexibility in how they are deployed and managed.

The partnership builds on the companies’ decades-long history of collaborating to assist clients in achieving their technological goals. This new partnership encompasses:

  • IBM Consulting named Global Systems Integrator (GSI) for VMware
  • Expansion of VMware and IBM Joint Innovation Fund
  • Availability of IBM Cloud Satellite wherever VMware Applications run

The partners published an overview of the collaboration on IBM’s website.

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