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Twitter is under fire for a datacenter outage that took place two weeks ago. According to a lawsuit against the social media company, its infrastructure is generally vulnerable to outages.

The social media platform faced an outage of one of its datacenters in California during the US Labor Day weekend earlier this month. The outage caused problems for Twitter’s app and website. Though both platforms continued to work, the infrastructure was unsteady.

Twitter cited extreme weather conditions as the reason for the datacenter outage. Temperatures in California reached 45 degrees Celsius over the weekend.

Two other Twitter datacenters in the United States — located in Atlanta and Portland — were able to handle the data traffic, but the spike caused a heavy load. If either datacenter had failed, some Twitter users in the United States might not have been able to use the platform.


The problems at the datacenter in California are reportedly unresolved. No production and application changes can be made until all functionality is restored. Operations are limited to service continuity and urgent work. According to Twitter, the social media platform’s service was never compromised.

Trouble brewing for Twitter

A whistleblower recently painted a dooming picture of the company. The former security chief revealed that the social media giant frequently faces datacenter issues. Some of the problems were allegedly caused by faulty internal processes. As a result, certain workloads had to be handled outside its own datacenters, regardless of the security risks involved.

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