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Google Fiber says it has managed to achieve a download speed of 20.2 Gbps during a recent test.

According to the US fiber provider, the download speed of 20.2 Gbps was achieved during a test in the state of Kansas. The fiber connection in question ran to the home of one of Google Fiber’s top executives. The upload speed achieved was not disclosed.

100 Gbps

Google Fiber conducted the test to demonstrate that it’s getting closer to symmetrical 100 Gbps connections. According to the fiber provider, the speed will be achieved in the near future. Symmetrical connections have equivalent upload and download speeds. Google Fiber already provides fiber services with 2 Gbps download and 1 Gbps upload speeds for $100 per month. Symmetrical 1 Gbps connections are offered for $73 per month.

High-speed providers

Google Fiber is not the only US provider of high-speed connections. EPB, a municipal provider in Tennessee, provides a 25 Gbps service to customers. The service is priced at $1,500 per month for consumers. Corporate users pay as much as $12,500 per month.