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Nutanix made its Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) generally available on Azure. As a result, customers can run cloud-based Nutanix clusters on bare-metal nodes in Microsoft’s public cloud environment.

NC2 on Azure offers a hyperconverged infrastructure combined with a centralized management environment. The infrastructure spans multiple private and public cloud environments, allowing companies to effectively manage a hybrid cloud.

In addition, NC2 on Azure helps customers deploy and manage workloads within their Azure accounts. This functionality is enabled by Azure Virtual Network. Users can keep their operational model simple and consistent across multiple Azure and on-premises environments.

NC2 on Azure

License portability allows the Nutanix-based solution to provide all of Azure’s features and benefits. This protects organizations’ previous investments while allowing them to run their workloads in a hybrid cloud environment.

In addition, customers can manage Azure instances and associated workloads from Nutanix’s management interface. Workloads can run seamlessly between private cloud environments and Azure without requiring application redesigns. This simplifies IT management for cloud environments and lowers costs, Nutanix said.

NC2 for Azure is now generally available to customers with dedicated Azure bare-metal nodes in Microsoft’s US cloud regions. Global Azure regions will follow in the coming year.

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