NTT offers insight into entire environments with 360 Observability

NTT offers insight into entire environments with 360 Observability

NTT launched 360 Observability, a managed service for insight into networks, infrastructure and applications.

Observability is increasingly important. Modern applications run in complex environments. To find bottlenecks and improve performance, organizations depend on insight into diverse systems. Observability solutions collect and process various data types to understand systems.

NTT is well-versed in the process. The organization provides a broad portfolio of infrastructure services, including network-as-a-service. Many services feature observability in one way or another. To serve customers, NTT has to understand the systems of an environment. In any other case, the organization cannot solve problems, improve performance or provide advice.

Despite its experience, NTT has never made a specialized observability solution available before. The launch of 360 Observability is “a new chapter,” the organization emphasized. The managed service provides customers with insight into their networks, infrastructure and applications.

NTT 360 Observability

360 Observability consists of two components: Multi-cloud Application Monitoring and Observability Maturity Assessment.

Multi-cloud Application Monitoring provides insight into application performance, from browsers and mobile apps to middleware and backend databases. 360 Observability is a managed service, which means that a team of external engineers and consultants support customers in realizing said insight.

Observability Maturity Assessment translates insight into action. Experts from NTT analyze an environment to pinpoint what an organization needs to do better. Customers can specify desired business outcomes, after which experts determine the architectures and strategies that best align with customer goals.

In practice

Multi-cloud Application Monitoring delivers year-round insight into network, infrastructure and application issues and performance. At the same time, Observability Maturity Assessment enables customers to improve performance and reduce costs. “This accelerates problem identification and enables rapid remediation”, NTT said.

Customers can monitor systems in customizable dashboards. Problems are brought to attention with alerts and extensive reports. In addition, the service helps isolate errors, reducing the damage of failures. NTT 360 Observability is based on Cisco Full-Stack Observability, a collection of monitoring and infrastructure solutions from Cisco.

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