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NTT introduced Sustainability-as-a-Service, an upcoming solution for monitoring, measuring and reporting on emission reduction targets.

The availability and release date are unknown, but the solution’s content is set in stone. Sustainability-as-a-Service will allow organizations to monitor emissions, test the impact of initiatives and monitor the progress of net zero goals.


NTT develops a wide range of products for IoT, 5G, digital twins and edge computing. The upcoming Sustainability-as-a-Service is a combination of multiple products in the form of a service.

NTT designed the solution for companies with ambitious climate goals. EU laws require European organizations to operate climate-neutral by 2050. In a recent survey, more than half of Fortune 500 companies indicated they’re pursuing the goal.

The world is increasingly sustainable, but nothing comes easy. According to NTT, organizations struggle to collect accurate emissions data. In addition, some companies lack insight into the factors that affect emissions. The upcoming service tackles the problem, NTT said.

Under the hood

Sustainability-as-a-Service has three components: measuring emissions, analyzing emissions and reducing emissions.

The first component is based on NTT’s IoT technology and sensors. The combination allows organizations to determine the real-time emissions of factories worldwide.

The second component consists of NTT’s analytics and digital twin technologies. The combination collects all the data relevant to an organization’s emissions, builds a simulation and predicts problems that may compromise reduction targets.

The third component includes NTT’s automation and orchestration solutions. A ticket is automatically created for further investigation when the system detects a problem.


NTT presented the solution at Mobile World Conference 2022 in Las Vegas. The conference takes place from September 28 through September 30. As mentioned earlier, the release date was not disclosed.

More and more IT organizations are developing solutions for climate goals. Earlier this month, Salesforce announced the Net Zero Marketplace. The organization is developing a platform for buying and selling carbon credits.