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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Jaguar announce a collaboration for the development of technologies and concepts for electric vehicles (EVs).

The initiative came to fruition immediately with the renaming of Jaguar Racing, Jaguar’s established Formula E team. The team continues as Jaguar TCS Racing, with the consultancy giant as its primary sponsor. In addition, TCS promises to use its experience with major EV players in the coming years to make Jaguar TCS Racing a driver of electric driving and lower CO2 emissions.

Research is key. TCS and Jaguar say they will create a platform for researching electric vehicle technologies. The collection and analysis of data on racing in Formula E, the electric racing competition in which Jaguar TCS Racing participates, will play a key role.

Further development

The organizations state that research findings will contribute to the growth of the global ‘EV ecosystem’. How that intention will be expressed in practice is unknown at this time. What we do know is that in the coming months, the organizations will focus on preparing for the next EV season by perfecting the Jaguar TCS Racing race car. Improving software for energy management and efficiency is mentioned.

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