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Huawei vows to help Partner2Connect connect 120 million people in remote regions over the next three years.

The pledge is part of Partner2Connect, an initiative of the Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the United Nations (UN). The initiative was launched in October 2022. Ever since, organizations have been invited to pledge and deliver on projects that contribute to global connectivity.

The emphasis is on connecting Third World countries and hard-to-reach regions, including sparsely populated areas. Meanwhile, more than 247 participants have pledged projects with a total value exceeding €27 billion.

The most recent pledge comes from Huawei. Chairman Liang Hua shared the news at the 2022 Sustainability Forum. The organization vows to help Partner2Connect connect 120 million people in remote regions of more than 80 countries.


Huawei plans to contribute in several ways. Among other initiatives, the organization will partner with Cambodia’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to provide 10,000 training opportunities for IT professionals over the next five years.

Liability is an important aspect of Partner2Connect. Participants are required to take a pledge. Organizations that fail to fulfil their pledge lose face with some of the most significant players in the global telecom industry.


Huawei positions itself as a socially engaged organization. Its financial software is used to enable digital transactions for residents of sparsely populated African regions, where access to banking services is scarce.

By its own admission, Huawei laid 250,000 kilometres of fibre in Africa to provide broadband to 30 million households. Both its financial services and network services are commercial. The organization gets paid well from African government contracts.

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