TCS and AWS collaborate on quantum computing services

TCS and AWS collaborate on quantum computing services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and AWS are partnering to provide quantum computing services. To this end, TCS established a so-called Quantum Computing Lab within the tech giant’s public cloud.

TCS has been collaborating with AWS in the field of cloud computing for some time. The partners are now expanding their efforts to quantum computing. By introducing Quantum Computing Lab to the tech giant’s public cloud environment, TCS aims to help explore, develop and test enterprise solutions for quantum computing.

TCS wants to strengthen and accelerate the acceptance of the new technology. According to the IT consultant, quantum computing has the potential to help solve problems and challenges that are too complex for current tech. To give an example, TCS cited process optimization issues and the detection of surface defects.

TCS Quantum Computing Lab

The TCS Quantum Computing Lab in AWS is a virtual research and development environment based on Amazon Braket, a fully managed quantum computing service.

TCS plans to develop domain-oriented performance benchmarks and encourage hackathons in the quantum computing environment. Moreover, the IT consultant wants to support users with in-depth domain knowledge and experience in various business sectors. Expertise includes portfolio risks, secure communication ecosystems, customer behaviour and production planning forecasts.

Furthermore, the collaboration with AWS should expand TCS’ knowledge and skills. Over the past four years, the IT consultant has been collaborating with various tech institutions, academic partners and a startup ecosystem to research quantum computing.

The field is a significant area of investment for TCS. The IT consultant supports various agencies and government initiatives on quantum computing. According to the TCS, this has led to two patent applications and a great deal of knowledge on applying quantum computing for AI, optimization, cryptography and digital security.

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