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OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has argued for new AI legislation in a U.S. Senate hearing. He also believes this legislation should be constantly updated.

In his contribution, the OpenAI CEO stated that the safety of AI for the developer is paramount. The rollout of GPT-4 was delayed for more than half a year to ensure with testing and improvements that this model was reliable.

Ensuring safety

More specifically in his talk, Sam Altman addressed how politicians should regulate AI, especially with regard to security. Importantly, AI developers must adhere to a clear set of security requirements. Think about in-house and external testing before a release and publishing these test results.

Policies should ensure that these requirements are met in a variety of ways. For example, by combining licensing and registration requirements so that AI models have a certain standard. Companies do need more incentives to do so.

Not insignificantly, Sam Altman believes that AI security legislation does need to be regularly updated to reflect developments. For this, a multi-stakeholder influencing process should be created. A large group of experts and companies should develop and update appropriate security standards on a regular basis. Also through international cooperation.

Comment on labour market

Furthermore, the OpenAI CEO addressed the impact of the technology on the labour market. He expects AI to create a mix of increased productivity of individual users and new jobs. Jobs are also going to change and disappear.

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