Meta awaits daily fine of €89,000 by Norway

Meta awaits daily fine of €89,000 by Norway

Meta can expect a daily fine of about €89,000 from Norway for privacy violations. The privacy watchdog’s decision could potentially affect the rest of the EU.

According to watchdog Datatilsynet, Norway does not allow the collection of data for targeted advertising. This refers, for example, to the collection of users’ location data in order to show an ad that suits a user based on that data.

If immediate action is not taken, the owners of Facebook and Instagram will have to pay €89,000 daily from Aug. 4 to Nov. 3.


“It is so clear that this is illegal that we need to intervene now and immediately. We cannot wait any longer,” Tobias Judin, head of international section at Datatilsynet, told Reuters. Meta, on the other hand, says it is looking at Datatilsynet’s decision and argues that there are no direct implications for their services.

However, Datatilsynet has also reported its decision to the European Data Protection Board. If this European body agrees, the fine could become permanent and the decision could be extended further. “It would put additional pressure on Meta,” Judin argues.

Norway is not a member of the European Union, but it has ties to the EU through the European Economic Area.

Recently, the EU Court of Justice ruled that Meta no longer has a legal basis to show personalized ads. It would violate the GDPR.

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