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The French antitrust watchdog reportedly raided Nvidia’s offices for an investigation related to the company’s cloud computing service.

Not much is known about the details of the case. The French watchdog announced in a press release that practices related to cloud computing are under investigation and that the graphics card sector is being investigated for this purpose. It is not clear which company it is targeting and exactly what practices are being investigated.

The Wall Street Journal reportedly learned through testimony from people involved in the case that the raid happened at Nvidia’s offices. The raid was supposed to prove or just barely rule out the company’s involvement in anti-competitive practices.

Nvidia would not be the first on the list of raided companies, according to the watchdog. The chipmaker did not comment on the facts.

Record profits due to AI chips

The chipmaker closely followed AI developments in the field and soon followed with AI chips. This benefited the company’s sales, as the chips are used for large language models from Microsoft and OpenAI. Now it appears the developments have caught the eye of authorities.

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