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The Vapor worm is the most important malware to be expected in 2019, according to the predictions of security specialist WatchGuard. Other major malicious attacks that can be expected include fileless malware, malicious chatbots with artificial intelligence, and increasing attacks on WPA3 protected Wi-Fi networks..

At the end of November it is time to look ahead to the next year, also for the security industry. Recently, specialist Fortinet already presented its expectations for 2019, now it is the turn of the specialists of WatchGuard.

Fileless malware and malicious AI chatbots

According to these specialists, we are on the eve of attacks with a new form of fileless malware. This form of malware is difficult to identify and block. It can run fully in memory without leaving a trace on the infected system. Next year there will be another challenge due to the worm-like properties of the malware. The experts argue that this is the advance of the vapor worm that spreads itself by exploiting vulnerabilities within software.

Another important trend for 2019, according to WatchGuard, will be for cyber criminals to develop artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots. These chatbots are then used on legal websites and allow unknowing victims to click on infected links, download documents full of malware and share private information.

WPA3 remains vulnerable

It is striking that WatchGuard’s specialists also indicate that the latest encryption security protocol for Wi-Fi networks, WPA3, is increasingly exposed to attacks by hackers. Attackers use access points (APs), Evil Twin APs or one of the six known threat categories in the Trusted Wireless Environment framework. Without additional security measures in the WiFi infrastructure, WPA3 users are still vulnerable to attacks, according to the security specialists.

Other malicious trends seen by specialists for 2019 include an imminent massive attack on infrastructure and underlying protocols of the Internet through DDoS attacks, the cracking of biometric security, terrorist diversionary tactics, and ransomware attacks on industrial targets, particularly the energy sector.

Still some good news

The good news that WatchGuard is still bringing is that the United Nations is working on an international cybersecurity treaty. With this, the UN wants to take stronger action, especially against the growing state-sponsored cyber-attacks.

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