Apple launches urgent iOS update for FaceTime eavesdropping bug

Apple launches urgent iOS update for FaceTime eavesdropping bug

Last week, a dangerous iOS bug came to light in Group FaceTime. It suffices to add yourself to a call before the recipient has answered it. The app then thinks it’s an active group call and starts sending audio from the receiver.

Last week, one of the worst iOS problems ever came to light. A bug in FaceTime lets you listen in on the other side of the line, even before the receiver has accepted the call.

Earlier this week, Apple issued a statement in which it apologizes and that it is working on a solution quickly. As soon as the problem came to light, Apple immediately disabled Group FaceTime on all iOS devices.

iOS and macOS

Since last night, iOS 12.1.4 is available to all iPhone and iPad users. Apple has also launched a macOS Mojave 10.14.3 update to fix the bug on Mac computers. Group calls were added to FaceTime at the end of October with the update to iOS 12.1. The introduction of the functionality was supposed to coincide with the launch of iOS 12, but was postponed.

iOS devices that are not yet running iOS 12 don’t have to worry. They only have FaceTime without the group option. They don’t have to update to iOS 12 in a hurry because of a security risk.

The timing is bad for Apple, which values privacy. Only last week, it blocked internal apps from Facebook and Google because they were collecting data from users in exchange for money. It was a specific investigation of both software giants.

Apple saw the actions of Facebook and Google as abuse, and immediately seized the opportunity to put itself in the spotlight as a protector of privacy. The applications were blocked, and Facebook and Google were punished.

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