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Box revealed a series of improvements to help companies secure their critical information, facilitate internal and external collaboration, and encourage better workflows. The updates should also lead to better integration of content into all applications used by teams within companies.

Box announces a number of improvements to Box Shield and Box Relay. There will also be previews of new integrations in Box for Slack and Box for Microsoft Teams. Box also announces a new integration for  Box with the IBM Watson Knowledge Catalogue InstaScan (more about this below).

“Businesses need a cloud content management platform that is built for how we work today. They need security for their mission-critical content, while also making it easy for people to collaborate on business processes with their extended enterprise of colleagues, partners and customers,” said Jeetu Patel, Chief Product Officer at Box, about the announced updates.

Updates for Box Shield and Box Relay

Box Shield is intended to limit data breaches and to protect company information. This is why, for example, there are greater restrictions for shared links, so that these cannot be shared with the wrong persons. Also, external cooperation is only possible if the company information in question is not too sensitive. The same applies to downloads and applications access. In addition, FTP transfers are subject to stricter controls. Potential threats are also predicted using machine learning.

Box Relay will be updated by adding manually adjustable metadata to workflows. Steps in workflows can also be undone in the event of an error. In addition, users can download activity history and start workflows manually. Tasks can also be assigned to specific groups or individuals, and tasks can be approved or rejected from any mobile device.

Integration with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog InstaScan

New integration with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalogue InstaScan allows customers to quickly and easily determine where content with a high concentration of sensitive information is located, according to Box. This reduces the time it takes to correct weaknesses and comply with regulations in various areas.