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Microsoft has added two new guidelines to its privacy policy. They are mainly aimed at dealing with data requests from governments. In doing so, the company claims to go well beyond the recommendations set by the European Data Protection Board.

In a blog post, Microsoft promises that if it receives a request from a government to share data, it would always challenge it. Wherever legally possible, it will try to protect the data on their servers, the company claims.

Financial compensation

Microsoft says that in the event the company is forced to disclose customer data in a way that violates the GDPR, it will give monetary compensation to the customers in question.

With this second promise, Microsoft is trying to show confidence that it does everything it can to protect its customers’ data. With the new terms of use, it would cost Microsoft money to give away user data without a fight.

The company hasn’t disclosed the amount of money would be involved in the event of user data being released. Microsoft has named the tightened policy Defending Your Data. The new terms and conditions will apply immediately to customers in both the public and enterprise sectors.

GDPR infringement

Microsoft had some catching up to do in terms of data policy. In 2019, it was found that some of the contracts it had with bodies within the EU did not fully meet the requirements of the GDPR. The company has since adjusted its policy accordingly.