Europe wants to work with new US administration on tech governance

Europe wants to work with new US administration on tech governance

The European Union said that it wants to work with the US on a common approach to govern tech and digital markets. Some of the proposed plans include the standardization of rules for technology applications like AI and ensuring that big tech is more responsible for their platforms.

EU lawmakers are looking forward to a better transatlantic relationship under Biden.

The Commission published a new EU-US agenda recently, aimed at encouraging what they call ‘global cooperation’ based on shared interests, values, and global influence in tackling things like climate change and the pandemic while pushing forward a Westernized geopolitical agenda.

Better relations between the EU and US

Another major priority the EU hopes to see is the reboot of the transatlantic relationship is in trade and tech policies. The starting point for this will be the EU-US Summit in the first half of next year. Relations were strained when Trump was president since he threatened trade tariffs.

In addition to that, he repeatedly criticized European countries for not spending enough on their defense to fulfill NATO commitments. He even implied that he would be happier if the EU were disbanded while vocally supporting Brexit.

The commission agenda has a clear message that the EU lawmakers hope will lead to more joint projects between the US and the EU bloc.

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The transatlantic tech plan

On the tech side of things, the Commission wants there to be aligned interests on governance. The EU and US need to join forces and become tech-allies to shape how the technologies are used and their purpose.

The agenda proposes that using the combined influence, the two can build a transatlantic tech space that will be the foundation upon which they build a like-minded democracy with a shared vision on tech governance, which they will defend together.