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The White House announced on Friday that the new economic advisers and vocal big tech critic Tim Wu would help the President Joe Biden administration deal with the big tech issues cropping up. Tim Wu is expected to help the president push his agenda on the technology sector.

Most of what the administration has to address, concerns monopolies and market power. The companies with the most power do not hesitate to favor their own businesses, creating antitrust problems and squashing/absorbing smaller players in the process.

President Biden stands up to big tech

The announcement about the addition of Wu to the National Economic Council was made earlier last week on Tuesday. 

As Jen Paski, the White House spokeswoman told reporters that the president has been clear. He stands up to the abuse of power, including the abuse of power by big tech companies and their executives.

Recently, documents leaked detailing how Amazon was planning to position itself as the biggest retailer in India, by quashing local competition or not giving them the same treatment on its platform.

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Tim is the man Biden needs

Paski continued to say that Tim will help advance Biden’s agenda, which includes addressing problems like the one highlighted regarding India and making the necessary effort to address the growing power of big tech.

Big tech companies are causing economic and social challenges, engaging in aggressive anti-competition behavior, punishing those who seek to curb their powers, and flouting rules while getting protections from punishment over their failure to moderate content on their platforms.

The problem is a big one that the administration hopes Wu will be able to tackle better.