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The company is partnering with its cloud providers to fight Climate Change.

VMware is working to reduce the carbon footprint created by data centers by launching a new program. The goal of the new initiative is to make VMware’s cloud partners’ data centers rely on 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.

Atea, Equinix, IBM, Microsoft, and OVHcloud are the inaugural partners,. They are joining VMware’s project to lower the carbon emissions caused by powering their data centres across the globe.

Challenging partners to “Grow and Differentiate”

Premika Srinivasan, a Product Marketing Manager at VMware, described the new initiative in a blog post this week. “Today we’re excited to announce the launch of the ‘VMware Zero Carbon Committed‘ cloud provider initiative,” she wrote.

The VMware Zero Carbon Committed initiative identifies Cloud Verified provider as a trusted sustainability partner with aligned decarbonization goals. Participants can thus become a trusted sustainability partner for their customers, says Srinivasan.

Zero Carbon Committed partners can spur their business growth. They can do this by plugging into the growing ecosystem of engaged customers with aligned sustainability goals.

Customers are always on the lookout for suppliers with low carbon solutions, she writes. For this reason, “Zero Carbon Commitment is table stakes to winning customer contracts”.

According to VMWare. Providers can leverage VMware Zero Carbon Committed validated branding as a competitive differentiator. This helps further the value they offer through the VMware Cloud Verified program.

Adopting the Zero Carbon Committed initiative also helps level the playing field for qualified partners. This allows them to better compete with other organizations who are not as far along their sustainability journey.

“VMware will position our VMware Zero Carbon Committed partners for success by promoting them to prospective customers seeking cloud providers with aligned sustainability goals,” Srinivasan promises.

Zero Carbon Committed partners can also leverage VMware’s branding of “VMware Zero Carbon Committed” on their website. Such branding will showcase the VMware-Provider sustainability partnership, she said.