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The Google Docs web client is in the process of adding support for their background watermarks and expanding their comment boxes to allow more text per line. This update is set to launch soon and is expected to be available for all users in the next few weeks, ensuring a wider reach and easier readability for all customers who use Google Docs.

Google Docs comment boxes to allow more text per line

Comment boxes appear in the sidebar to the right side of the documents. Presently, they are wide enough to fit 35 characters, regardless of the space available. Google plans to increase that space to accommodate 50 characters. This marks a 43% increase in the total area and makes for a more user-friendly web design.

The increase in comment width is responsive and will intelligently scale based on the browser window size. This will allow users to maximize the available space on the screen. In addition, the screen time can increase for remote and hybrid work environments, making for more efficient use of space by accommodating more text in one line and improving readability.

Watermark images come to Google Docs

 In addition, Google Docs is also expected to make adjustments for watermark images that feature text. As a result, the watermark image will appear behind the text for every document. This new feature will be handy for companies that use regular branding and custom designs for their pictures.

It will also be useful for amateur photographers and video editors who wish to watermark their images to prevent misuse of their content. 

This feature will preserve image watermarks when importing and exporting documents through Microsoft Word and is expected to be launched fully in the upcoming weeks.