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The Android version of Google Docs will support annotations written by hand or a stylus pen. Among other things, this can be useful for providing feedback on a text.

The new feature will be available for smartphones and tablets running on the Android operating system. The annotation toolbar will now be visible on these systems. In the toolbar are options for taking notes with a pen or highlighter. In it, one can also switch between colours and the thickness of the pen and marker. The notes and visual markings are made when the user swipes the screen with his finger or a stylus pen.

The gif below shows how the new feature works on a tablet. In it, the user makes notes with stripes and circles and adds comments for clarification. The gif also shows the usefulness of the virtual highlighter, which proves helpful in highlighting the most important pieces of text within a story. The toolbar further features an eraser to remove annotations made if necessary.

Google announced the feature during Mobile World Congress 2024, the conference in Barcelona this week. The company will also unveil the new Android Auto feature that reads summaries of long messages or group conversations in which there is much activity. Android Auto then suggests relevant responses and actions to stay in touch on the go safely.

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