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ALSO Holding, a Switzerland-based ICT group signed a purchase agreement with Executive SpA, an Italian value-added distributor focusing on retail. Gustavo Möller-Hergt, the CEO of ALSO Holding, said that two pillars of the company’s MORE strategy involved reinventing and enhancing.

The company aims to reinvent some of the processes with Executive’s retail channel management tool while enhancing the overall ecosystem further.

ALSO said that its Italian entry is a logical step in its plan to expand coverage across southern Europe. The company enters the market with concrete EU-backed plans for significant digital infrastructure upgrades.

Executive Group’s next step

ALSO Holding added the acquisition (still subject to the standard regulatory approvals) to help it scale its three business models (Supply, Solutions, and Service) in the region. The co-owner of Executive Group, Giorgio Ascoli, added that the deal is a win-win.

He added that it would allow the roll-out of the value-added services the company has successfully developed into other countries.

At the same time, he continued, becoming a part of the ALSO ecosystem enables Executive Group to bring new vendors and services to Italian consumers. The financial details of the transaction are still secret but come after the Swiss company recently bought Spain-based VAD, IREO.

The presence grows

ALSO Holding AG is one of the leading tech providers for the ICT industry with a presence in about 27 countries in Europe and a total of 93 worldwide via PaaS partners.

The ALSO ecosystem offers about 110,000 resellers of hardware, software, and IT services from more than 700 vendors in more than 1,340 product categories.

The partnership should enhance the experience of Executive Group’s customers as they gain access to new products and services that were previously inaccessible.