EPAM acquires Optiva Media, expanding Latin America and Western Europe presence

EPAM acquires Optiva Media, expanding Latin America and Western Europe presence

The speed at which today’s media landscape is changing and the enhanced competition for consumers shows intensity and the need for media and entertainment companies to stay ahead of the curve using innovative technologies and digital transformation.

The task description may sound simple enough but requires thousands of cogs to work as they should. EPAM Systems announced it is acquiring Optiva media, a niche professional services firm providing product development and digital services to media companies. Balazs Fejes, President of EU and APAC Markets at EPAM, effusively welcomed Optiva Media to EPAM.

Better together

Fejes said combining EPAM’s digital technology and product engineering expertise with Optiva Media’s platforms and accelerators will constitute the ingredients needed to deliver end-to-end media and entertainment niches.

Optiva Media’s acquisition brings an enhanced understanding of the vertical domain to the table, including experience from numerous and successful execution of the necessary components of core media and entertainment transformational programs.

The programs include research and consultancy, metadata management, engineering, media, product design and deployment and more. Together, Fejes is sure that they will provide world-class, scalable solutions for companies to innovate products, services and experiences.

The Optiva Media powerhouse

Cristina Garcés, Founder and CEO of Optiva Media, remarked on Optiva Media’s robust technology partnership and dynamic mindset, connecting it favourably to EPAM’s Engineering roots and “passion for building creative solutions that deliver business value and innovative experiences.”

Valia Merino, Chairman and Managing Partner of Optiva Media, added that with EPAM, everything can be delivered at the “convergence point between technology and content.”

Optiva is a leading figure in the media and telecoms industry, having launched the first video-on-demand system in Europe in 2008 (for ONO), the first over-the-top (OTT) streaming platform in Europe in 2011, with a client list that includes Orange, Telefonica, HBO and Vodafone.