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Microsoft introduced a new privacy feature that indicates which applications access sensitive devices and data.

Microsoft Windows 11’s is similar to Apple iOS’s Privacy Auditing. Both features shows the history of all apps’ access to sensitive devices and data like microphones and location history.

The feature can shortly be found under the ‘Privacy and security’ section of the Windows 11 settings. The overview shows the activity of applications that gained access to sensitive devices and data in the last week. This report also includes the date and time the application last accessed your device.

Microsoft takes inspiration from iOS

Microsoft takes the leaf from iOS and iPadOS 15, which was announced last year). The iOS App Privacy Report shows how and when applications access photos, cameras, location data and microphones, including the domain names contacted by apps within the last week. The feature can be enabled in the privacy settings section. It’s not available for macOS at this time.

Tip: Microsoft is releasing the ‘Search highlights’ to more Windows 11 PC users