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Mailchimp has been hit by a cyberattack for the second time since August 2022. One or multiple cybercriminals gained access to internal accounts.

In a statement, the company disclosed that the breach was discovered on January 11. One or multiple attackers misused a customer and account support tool. The perpetrator(s) accessed the tool by obtaining employee login credentials through social engineering.

The tool was eventually used to access 133 Mailchimp accounts, including the environment of e-commerce platform WooCommerce.

In a statement to customers, WooCommerce said that the breach may have leaked customer names, e-mail addresses and web addresses of online stores. Passwords were reportedly untouched.

August 2022

The attack is similar to an early August 2022 incident. Like the recent breach, cybercriminals gained access to Mailchimp accounts through social engineering.

A total of 214 accounts were hit, mostly related to cryptocurrency and finance. One of the notable victims was cloud giant DigitalOcean.


In response to the recent breach, Mailchimp has announced it is taking additional security measures. As a precaution, affected accounts have been temporarily suspended.

It’s worth noting that the email marketing platform made similar promises after the August 2022 incident.

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