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ESET wants to make its threat intelligence services available to all customers, writes CRN. This will especially help partners such as MSPs to be able to optimally serve their end customers again.

According to CRN, the Slovak security specialist is now going to make its threat intelligence services available to all customers. These services were previously accessible to only a select number of customers, but they will now be made publicly available to the entire customer portfolio. From partners to other (business) end users.

By offering these services, ESET thinks it can distinguish itself in an already fairly crowded market for threat intelligence services, Tony Anscombe, chief security evangelist at ESET told CRN. In doing so, the security specialist wants to build on its past reputation for threat intelligence.

ESET Advanced Persistent Threat Reports

The new services now becoming generally available include ESET Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Reports. This service provides access to ESET analysts and the ESET Threat Intelligence Feeds. The latter information feeds should provide a real-time overview of the threat landscape. These include data feeds on malicious files, IP addresses and domains, botnets and APT information.

Benefit for MSPs

The opening of ESET’s threat intelligence services to “the outside world” can greatly benefit MSPs in particular, ESET representatives tell CRN. With these services, they can deliver more values to their end customers and thus remain relevant to themselves and these end users.

Also, using the information from ESET’s threat intelligence services, MSPs can begin to position themselves as thought leaders to their end customers. Furthermore, they can, of course, develop and market their own services around ESET’s services. The information from the security specialist’s threat intelligence should then form the basis for this.

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