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CrowdStrike announced today the launch of a new AI-powered service. It combines human expertise with AI-powered automation and threat intelligence to provide managed extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities.

The CrowdStrike Falcon Complete XDR service is built on the company’s Falcon platform. It offers 24/7 expert management, threat hunting, monitoring, and end-to-end remediation across all key attack surfaces.

According to reports, the service aims to address the ‘cybersecurity skill gap’ that plagues almost half of all organizations. The estimated global cybersecurity workforce gap is said to exceed 3.4 million people.

An augmentation of in-house teams

Developers have designed it to break down data and organizational silos. On top of this, they have allowed for its usage across multiple vendors and attack surfaces.

With the launch of Falcon Complete XDR, CrowdStrike has also unveiled its Partner-Delivered Managed XDR Services. This tool enables partners to deliver MXDR services to their customers using the Falcon platform.

Tom Etheridge, chief global services officer of CrowdStrike, noted that the service allows organizations to safely outsource many aspects of cybersecurity. The implementation, management, response, and end-to-end remediation of advanced threats are all covered. This is accomplished without the burden, overhead, or costs of deploying and managing a 24/7 threat detection and response function in-house.

A host of partners

Leading global system integrators and managed security service providers, such as BT Group, Eviden, Red Canary, ReliaQuest, and Telefonica Tech, have partnered with CrowdStrike to deliver MXDR services powered by the Falcon platform.

The collaboration between partners and CrowdStrike has been successful in the MDR market as part of the company’s “better-together strategy” for bringing XDR to organizations of all sizes.

Geoff Swaine, global vice president of cloud and tech ecosystems and program strategy at CrowdStrike, also recently discussed how the company enhances security visibility by consolidating point tools.