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New WhatsApp feature should give chats more privacy

New WhatsApp feature should give chats more privacy

Users can now give more privacy in WhatsApp chats through the Chat Lock feature. This makes these chats accessible only after entering a device password or biometric access like a fingerprint.

With the functionality now added to the messaging app, a chat discussion is automatically removed from the queue of chats and placed in a separate folder. This can be done by tapping the chat discussion in question and tapping the “lock option.

Access to this folder and chats is secured via the device password or a fingerprint. The hidden chats are visible by slowly swiping down the inbox screen.

The new functionality should give users an extra layer of security for their chats, according to WhatsApp.

New WhatsApp feature should give chats more privacy


In the coming months, Meta will expand the capabilities of the Chat Lock feature even further. These include locking for supported devices and creating custom passwords for chats. The latter feature will allow users to use a unique password instead of the currently required device password.

It is a step toward privacy that is much needed for WhatsApp. Recently, controversy arose around the messenger app for allegedly enabling microphone access just like that. This is said to be a bug, however, although it is not the first time the platform has been discredited on privacy issues. In January, for example, it was fined millions due to a GDPR violation.

WhatsApp Chat Lock feature

Multiple updates

WhatsApp has received several updates recently. Among other things, it is now possible to send polls via the messaging app where votes can only be cast once. In addition, the sharing feature has been expanded by enabling sharing with captions. Furthermore, it becomes possible to use a WhatsApp account on multiple phones.

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