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Meta rolls out new AI functionality for WhatsApp Business

Meta rolls out new AI functionality for WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business offers business users new AI features that improve customer contact and make it easier to sell products and services via chat. Among other things, it’s now possible to create ads with the help of AI that link to businesses’ WhatsApp Business accounts for quick contact.

The new AI features through Meta AI Tools, soon to be tested in India, Singapore and later Brazil, should help quickly answer customers’ most frequently asked questions. In this way, the idea is that customers can get answers faster than through contact with customer service agents.

The new AI features are aimed primarily at smaller businesses, as often in emerging markets, that use WhatsApp Business as their main sales and contact channel. Consumer versions of the messaging app already have AI functionality.

Under the hood, the AI features use input from Meta’s widely known Llama models.

Creating linked ads

Another feature Meta is now introducing for WhatsApp Business is the ability to use AI to create ads for Facebook and Instagram that link directly to a WhatsApp Business chat with the company in question. These types of ads are also called click-to-message ads.

This feature is currently being tested in the United States and Singapore.

Directly calling companies and Verified Guarantee

Furthermore, Whatsapp Business now gets the ability to call larger companies with a single touch through the messaging app. Also, WhatsApp Verified certification, which guarantees the legitimacy of a business, now becomes available in Brazil, India, Indonesia and Colombia.

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