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Rezilion helps customers be less vulnerable through Smart Fix

Rezilion helps customers be less vulnerable through Smart Fix

The Smart Fix tool for the Rezilion platform helps companies more easily follow the right strategy for understanding and fixing vulnerabilities in software components. The tool also helps make this happen completely automatically.

Rezilion is a startup in the field of automation tooling for DevSecOps. The new Smart Fix tool in the Rezilion platform should help companies simplify and speed up the often complicated and lengthy patching process of found vulnerabilities in software components.


The tool guides developers in implementing the best update version for all found (known) CVE vulnerabilities. This without damaging applications or infrastructure and running operational risks in the process. So that downtime is reduced.

This guidance also helps filter out all the “noise” and complexity associated with these types of updates. It helps develop policies for prioritizing the smartest, sometimes not the latest, fix available for vulnerabilities. Completely automated, of course.

Ultimately, this should lead to faster resolution times, minimizing the period during which software is vulnerable. In addition, the tool helps developers with clear instructions to focus on fixing the problems right the first time, so time-consuming investigation afterwards and rollbacks are not necessary.

Difference from other scanners and tools

According to the DevSecOps specialist, Smart Fix tells developers not only what and where to fix vulnerabilities, but also how to do it. And then make this happen completely automatically.

This makes the solution different from other scanners and tooling for fixing vulnerabilities, according to Rezilion. This should improve the entire security of the software supply chain, is the thinking.

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