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Hackers claim theft of 30 million Microsoft account logins

Hackers claim theft of 30 million Microsoft account logins

Microsoft denies that login credentials of 30 million customers were stolen in a hacking attack by the group Anonymous Sudan.

According to a spokesperson for the tech giant, Anonymous Sudan or Storm-1359 did not capture customer data during the earlier hacking attack, BleepingComputer writes.

Microsoft did admit in June that the hackers were indeed responsible for an attack on its systems. At the time, it involved Layer 7 DDoS attacks. As a result, Azure, Outlook and OneDrive, among others, suffered outages.

Database for sale for $50,000

However, Anonymous Sudan, a pro-Russian hacker group, claims that the attack also captured data. This would involve the login credentials of 30 million Microsoft users. This would include account information, e-mail addresses and passwords.

The hackers say they have put the database up for sale for $50,000 and interested parties can contact them via Anonymous Sudan’s Telegram bot. The post on a hacker forum gives an example of 100 credential pairs, but they would contain old data previously captured through a Microsoft partner.

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