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Secior and Forescout enter strategic partnership for holistic security approach

Secior and Forescout enter strategic partnership for holistic security approach

Partnership to link Forescout’s solutions with Secior’s services.

Secior and Forescout let us know that they have entered into a strategic partnership. With this, both the established security player Forescout and the Dutch start-up Secior take important steps on the Dutch and European market.

We already revealed Secior’s ambitions last year. You can read that article via this link. For this company, it’s all about better securing IoT and OT environments. However, these environments are not in a vacuum. They are part of a larger landscape, where there is also a fusion with organizations’ IT environments. That’s where Forescout, which says it also focuses on IoT and OT, comes in. In fact, this player’s mission is to offer a holistic platform to customers. This platform should ensure that all assets of organizations are continuously monitored to ensure compliance.

Shared vision

Putting the insides of Secior and Forescout side by side, it is immediately apparent that they share something fundamental. “You can’t secure what you can’t see,” Fred Streefland, Secior’s CEO, sums up this shared vision. For Secior, that is the start of every project with clients: mapping what OT assets exist within an organization. Only then can you come up with a plan to protect them from cyber attacks. That plan must have a holistic approach, both security players believe. After all, if you don’t do this, the gaps that irrevocably exist between the components of an organization’s modern distributed environment go unnoticed. That’s a risk. Not only from the standpoint of protecting against attacks, but also when it comes to compliance.

Secior en Forescout smeden een strategisch partnerschap voor een holistische veiligheidsaanpak.
Fred Streefland of Secior and Christina Höfer of Forescout

So basically, Forescout already has a holistic approach. What does the partnership with Secior add? On the one hand, there are the services offered by Secior, which are complementary to Forescout’s portfolio. On the other hand, Secior is a company founded by people with a lot of experience on the client side. Streefland has been a CISO in the past. “Our colleagues at Secior think like CISOs,” indicates Christina Höfer, VP of Global Industrial Enterprises at Forescout. That is very valuable for Forescout. They can immediately apply that knowledge to their shared customers. “Secior enables them to make the most of their cybersecurity tools”, continues Höfer.


When it comes to cybersecurity, we obviously can’t ignore NIS2. This new cybersecurity directive, for which EU countries still have to make the actual legislation, will go into effect in October of next year. The impact of the final legislation is going to be substantial. Organizations would do well not to wait any longer to prepare for this upcoming legislation. Secior has a lot of focus on NIS2 at the moment. This helps Forescout in conversations with customers and prospects in the Netherlands and Europe in general. Secior, in turn, can benefit from Forescout’s scale, and sign up more and perhaps larger customers through this partnership.

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