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Honeywell has acquired Israel-based SCADAfence. Its OT and IoT security technology will be integrated into Honeywell’s solutions for securing industrial environments and systems.

With the acquisition, no financial details of which were disclosed, Honeywell gains security solutions that can monitor large OT and IoT environments.

In the process, Honeywell can more easily meet increased demand from companies for solutions to improve the security of their OT and IoT environments. With this, the industrial sector can prevent cyber-attacks on their systems and environments from causing downtime and therefore a major loss of revenue.

Security for OT and IT environments

SCADAfence’s technology focuses primarily on monitoring large-scale OT and IoT environments and networks. Services for this purpose include asset discovery, threat detection and security governance.

Integration into Honewell portfolio

It involves integration into the Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity+ suite from the Honeywell Connected Enterprise environment. This will then allow the tech giant to deliver a complete end-to-end enterprise OT security solution. It should also enhance Honeywell’s other existing OT and IoT security environments.

The acquisition should take effect in the coming months. This is subject to approval from various regulators.

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