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Boeing after ransomware attack: ‘Issue does not affect flight safety’

Boeing after ransomware attack: ‘Issue does not affect flight safety’

Update, 2/11/2023, 12:17 pm, Laura Herijgers: Boeing confirms the breach of the company’s systems. A spokesperson reports that the incident impacted parts of the company’s parts and distribution activities. Some of the company’s websites were inaccessible on Wednesday, stating the following message: “We expect the site to be back up and running soon.”

“This issue does not affect flight safety,” the spokesperson further explained to various news sites. The previously published claim of LockBit 3.0 has disappeared since Wednesday, reports Reuters. It remains unclear which data fell into the hands of the hackers and whether military information is involved.

Original, 30/10/2023, 12:33 pm, Floris Hulshoff Pol: Boeing is investigating whether data was captured by the ransomware gang LockBit 3.0. That group claimed it possessed data from the major aircraft manufacturer’s systems, Reuters writes. This would involve an “enormous” amount of data.

According to Reuters, the LockBit 3.0 hackers have sent Boeing a request until Nov. 2 to pay up. Failure to do so would result in the gang putting an “enormous amount” of sensitive data online. No examples of this data are being shared, but that could change after the date in question, the hackers indicate.

Boeing investigation

In a response to Reuters, Boeing says it is investigating the claim. The aircraft manufacturer has not commented more so far.

LockBit 3.0 has not disclosed how much data it allegedly captured from Boeing. The ransom amount has also not been disclosed. In addition, the ransomware hackers could not be reached for comment.

Most aggressive ransomware gang

LockBit 3.0 is the most aggressive ransomware gang this year. In the third quarter of this year alone, the gang was responsible for 79 attacks out of a record 514 recorded ransomware attacks, NCC Group recently calculated.

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