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Microsoft most spoofed brand for phishing attacks

Microsoft most spoofed brand for phishing attacks

Hackers who want to carry out a phishing attack and misuse a well-known brand are most likely to use Microsoft’s brand name.

That’s according to research for the fourth quarter of 2023 by Check Point. The brand name was used in 33 per cent of the total number of (email) phishing attacks during the quarter to convince victims that it was an email from the tech giant.

Amazon followed in second place with 9 per cent of the total, followed by Google with 8 per cent and Apple with 4 per cent in third and fourth place. Other frequently used brands in the top 10 included banks and social media brands. Courier services were also popular, mainly because of the holiday season.

Developments for 2024

In the report, Check Point researchers predict that the rise of AI will have even more phishing implications. The volume of phishing campaigns will increase even further, they say. It also means it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish phishing emails from genuine communications from companies. As brand names within the tech, banking and social media sectors are also increasingly spoofed, users must, therefore, be increasingly alert to the authenticity of emails and other forms of communication.

According to Checkpoint, they should, therefore, be extra vigilant this year.

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