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The Cybercrime Team Rotterdam of the Dutch Police has arrested four men for large-scale phishing and bank fraud. This followed data from the “Operation Cookie Monster” investigation into the Genesis Marketplace.

The suspects, aged 23, 26, 29 and 30, were guilty of large-scale phishing and bank help desk fraud using stolen data from Genesis Market, according to police. On this marketplace, the (financial) data of more than 55,000 Dutch citizens were for sale until April last year.

The arrested 26-year-old suspect played a leading role in the fraud activities. He is suspected of having a coordinating function and having set up a service through which the phishing and bank helpdesk fraud activities could be carried out. The other suspects were allegedly able to use this to scam victims.

Deze website is in beslag genomen door de FBI.

Malicious websites

One of the active phishing campaigns included the abuse of websites, which required users to log in. The fraudsters could then plunder victims’ accounts with obtained financial data, such as through bank helpdesk fraud.

In arresting the suspects, police also seized a large amount of cash, jewellery, watches, luxury and designer clothing, shoes and a car. More arrests are not ruled out.

How much money the arrested cyber criminals stole with their campaigns and how many victims they created is unknown. One victim lost more than 33,000 euros.

Dutch police indicate that bank help desk fraud is still a major social problem. More than 700 reports with individual damage amounts are filed monthly. These damage amounts would amount to thousands of euros per report.

Police are urging the public to be vigilant and not to trust suspicious emails. They are also urged to report suspicious cases consistently.

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