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Google recently introduced an enterprise-targeted paid version of its Chrome browser: Chrome Enterprise Premium. Among other things, this variant of the well-known browser should offer businesses better AI-based security features.

Google now sees the browser as a standalone endpoint that employees use on a daily basis. After all, many activities now take place within this browser environment, requiring additional security measures.

The actions that take place on a browser now range widely: authentication, access, communication, collaboration, administration and even programming. Chrome Enterprise Premium should protect these activities.

Step up endpoint security

Needless to say, Google thinks it necessary to step up the security of this new endpoint. With the introduction of Chrome Enterprise Premium, Google now offers a business version of its browser with more comprehensive and AI-supported security features. The paid version should offer more functionality than the existing free enterprise Chrome version, Chrome Enterprise Core.

Among other things, the Chrome Enterprise Premium edition features more business control capabilities. Examples include implementing policies and managing software updates and extensions in line with business security requirements. It also now supports RDP, SCP, SSH and other TCP protocols.

In addition, the browser provides various security insights and reporting capabilities for events, devices, and forensics, as well as zero-trust access. These insights also integrate data from other tools from Google or other providers.

Een digitaal beveiligingsdashboard met Google Safe Browsing, rapporten over gebruikersactiviteiten en tools ter voorkoming van gegevensverlies, weergegeven op computer- en tabletschermen.

AI functionality

Further AI functionality translates into “context-aware access control” functionality. This can be scaled up to Web applications, SaaS solutions and Web-based applications that already have this form of context-aware access themselves. The functionality can also be deployed to counter data exfiltration risks from ‘forbidden’ and non- forbidden applications.

Last, but not least, the Chrome Enterprise Premium browser delivers threat and data protection using cintent inspection, data loss prevention, anti-malware and anti-phishing applications based on intelligence from AI insights, dynamic URL filtering and website categorization.

Google Chrome Enterprise Premium is available now and costs $6 per month/end user.

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