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Palo Alto Networks announces that it has reached an acquisition agreement with RedLock. The cloud security specialist is recruited by Palo Alto for $173 million.

RedLock specializes in security for customers who work with a public cloud, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. The company has developed advanced analytics that can capture and correlate different data sources to detect threats and vulnerabilities. The software is also able to automatically fix threats.

The acquisition fits within Palo Altos’ broader strategy to offer cloud security and compliance in one product. Earlier this year, it also paid $300 million for Evident, which continuously monitors a cloud infrastructure to ensure compliance.

Two acquisitions, one product

The two acquisitions together should result in a single software package that provides all the tools for managing security in AWS and Azure environments, while at the same time ensuring that those environments are in compliance with GDPR and other regulations. Palo Alto plans to launch the unified product early next year.

Palo Alto Networks already offers a broad security portfolio for multi-cloud environments and serves 6,000 cloud customers worldwide. The new offering should help companies respond even faster to the most critical cloud threats by automating manual research.

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