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Mimecast, provider of e-mail and data security, makes its e-mail security information available for the threat intelligence solution IBM QRadar. This gives security teams a better understanding of potential vulnerabilities, current attacks and potential threats via e-mail.

IBM QRadar groups and monitors threats as they emerge. This makes it easier for different teams to determine which threat deserves the most attention. In this way, they can better limit the impact of attacks and react quickly to problems.

Threat information from e-mail

Thanks to Mimecast for IBM QRadar, threat information from e-mail is also part of that scope. E-mail remains one of the most important attack vectors for cybercriminals. IBM’s threat intelligence solution seeks a match between threat data from email and other data sources, helping to identify advanced threats. The solution also recognizes anomalous behavior in e-mail traffic through its integration.

According to Christine van Houten, Chief Strategy Officer of Mimecast, methods of attack are changing rapidly. They are becoming increasingly sophisticated, but also more targeted and therefore more dangerous. Organisations are looking for solutions to strengthen their defence strategy. However, many security products work in silos, and therefore offer hardly any view of the threat landscape. By integrating Mimecast with IBM QRadar, there is the necessary visibility for joint customers.

Threat intelligence indispensable

The integration of Mimecast with IBM QRadar is a strategic move. Threat intelligence has become an indispensable security instrument for organisations. This was an important conclusion from the recently released report ‘Threat Intelligence: Far-fetched Idea or Must-have Security Tactic’ by Mimecast.

The report was drawn up in collaboration with the Cyber Resilience Think Tank, a think tank of leading IT influencers who pool their knowledge and expertise in the fight against cyber threats. Among other things, the think tank tips organisations on how to use existing data more effectively for security purposes. The experts also give advice on the use of threat intelligence with a limited budget.

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