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“Many organizations have no insight into data leaks from IoT devices.

“Many organizations have no insight into data leaks from IoT devices.

According to Gemalto research, only 48 percent of organisations can detect an infringement of Internet or Things (IoT) devices. This is remarkable, as at the same time Gemalto shows that IT budgets are increasing because of the belief that security is an important consideration for consumers. 14 percent even see this as an ethical responsibility.

Several IT players are expecting billions of IoT devices to be in circulation in a few years’ time. This makes it more important for organisations to quickly ensure that data leak detection is optimal, Gemalto informs Techzine. IT and business decision-makers also see this as a task for the government, despite the fact that many governments have already introduced or announced security regulations. In fact, 95% of the organisations believe that uniform rules are needed. 79 percent would like to see more guidelines for IoT security, while 59 percent would like clarification of who is responsible for protecting IoT devices.

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In the meantime, organisations are looking for ways to tackle the problem. Here they regularly come out at blockchain. For example, 23 percent believe that this technology is the solution to secure IoT devices. However, the majority, 91 percent, do not yet use blockchain. The organizations want to use the technology later for the security of IoT devices.

Companies are also using other means to protect IoT devices. The majority, 71 percent, encrypt data. Password protection (66 percent) and two-step verification (38 percent) are also widely used.


The Gemalto study also shows that consumers are not impressed by the efforts of IOT suppliers. For example, 62 percent think that security should be improved. According to Gemalto, this is right, since three out of five organizations that use IoT encrypt all data.

Consumers have formulated three points of attention that they consider to be the most important. These are the lack of privacy due to IoT devices (54 percent), non-authorized parties such as hackers who give themselves access to the devices (51 percent) and lack of control over personal data (50 percent).

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