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Security professionals are switching to biometric security, but need to do more.

Security professionals are switching to biometric security, but need to do more.

According to a survey conducted last week at the RSA security conference, security professionals are starting to switch to biometric security. However, there is still more to be done. That’s what Silicon Angle reports.

The investigation was carried out by security company Veridium. 56 percent of respondents use password managers to help them remember passwords. Nearly 30 percent use 21 or more passwords.

Nearly half of the respondents say they use biometric security for two or three applications, but only five percent use it for seven to ten applications. None of the professionals said they would use biometric authentication for eleven or more apps.

41 percent of the respondents who completed the survey during RSA said that they want to use biometric authentication the most for work. 93% also agreed that there should be more legal restrictions on biometric privacy and data.

Greater focus

“Security audience results demonstrate why we need to eliminate passwords and how biometrics can guarantee data privacy for consumers,” said Veridium’s spokesperson. “With password managers full of countless variations for keywords and the vast majority of respondents using biometrics only on two or three applications, there is a demand for stronger, more robust authentication options.

CEO James Stickland said that many discussions continued to focus on security for application programming interfaces (APIs), which should be a greater focus next year. “Security is now more than ever focused on identity, focusing on the individual rather than the wider enterprise – with employees being used as the ‘perimeter of their business’, says Stickland.

“He went on to say that as the use of personal biometric data increases, users will also start asking for it in the enterprise. “This year we are going to see an increased focus of enterprises and SMEs on biometric maturity and deployment, as it becomes more and more appreciated and understood.”

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