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Bug in Skype app automatically answers incoming calls

Bug in Skype app automatically answers incoming calls

A bug in Microsoft’s Skype app ensures that incoming calls are answered automatically. The VoIP program, which allows users to make phone calls over the Internet, is equipped with the Answer incoming calls function automatically, but despite this being disabled, Skype continues to record incoming calls.

Android Police already reported this bug at the beginning of January, after many users made similar notifications as this one: My Skype on my phone answers automatically after a few seconds of calls, even when my phone is in my pocket. Remarkable is that these and many other users had their Android phone paired with their smartwatch. A detector would not have experienced any problems after switching off its smartwatch or bluetooth. However, not all Android users use a smartwatch and this is not the case for all Skype app users.

Embarrassing situations

Last month Microsoft already updated the app, but in a Google Play review a user announced that this unfortunately did not solve the problem. Skype would still automatically answer incoming calls. Not convenient, especially as more and more companies are using Skype as a business tool. Many remote employees use Skype to check in at the office and no one wants your boss, colleagues or customers to hear you without you knowing about it. Not to mention they see you in your underwear or worse. However, Skype now offers the option of blurring your background during a video call. This keeps the focus on you and eliminates distracting elements in the background.

In 2014, Microsoft informed users quite enthusiastically about this automatic feature in the Skype app. According to the software giant, it would help to be able to keep an eye on things at specific times. For example, Microsoft previously wrote in a blog: The automatic answer function can be used for any situation where you need to view a fixed location remotely. Ensuring that pets do not break the bank is an example.

Apple Group FaceTime

Apple also faced a similar problem with the Group FaceTime feature at the beginning of this year. Callers could listen to a FaceTime receiver without him or her answering the call. The privacy blunder caused Apple to completely disable this feature last January.

Microsoft seems to have already solved the problem in a Skype preview. It is expected that an update will be released in the Play Store soon, which will solve the problem.

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