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The founder of a company specialising in counteracting and protecting against DDoS attacks has admitted in the US court that he has used services that carry out DDoS attacks.

Three years ago, KrebsOnSecurity managed to get the client list of the popular DDoS service vDOS after the site was hacked. Among the customers was nineteen-year-old Tucker Preston, founder of BackConnect. The company specialises in counteracting and protecting against DDoS attacks.

Among the companies that vDOS had to attack on behalf of Preston was the Free Software Foundation (FSF). Which, according to the allegations, had hesitated to do business with BackConnect. After no contract was signed, Preston alleged to have taken the company under fire as a means of revenge.

Not only did the FSF become a target, but the young entrepreneur would also have targeted a local company from New Jersey, for which the evidence was provided. Tucker now pleads guilty to that attack.

Severe punishment for internet crime

While Tucker no longer owns BackConnect, the American can expect a substantial fine or even imprisonment. His guilt has now been proven and the maximum sentences for such a fact are serious. The fine can be as high as a quarter of a million dollars, the prison sentence is a maximum of ten years. The verdict in the trial will follow on May 7th.