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Fortinet introduces AI appliance for rapid threat detection

Fortinet introduces AI appliance for rapid threat detection

Fortinet introduces a new appliance that uses deep neural networks to detect cyber threats in less than a second. The new appliance is called FortiAI and should solve a number of problems encountered by security professionals.

FortiAI’s deep neural networks mimic people’s work to make complex decisions. This is done by analysing relevant cyber threats. As the AI matures, FortiAI can adapt its threat protection in a more targeted way.


The solution comes with the Virtual Security Analyst component, which should reduce exposure time to cyber threats. For this purpose, it continuously analyses threat characteristics so that it can make an accurate assessment.

In addition, Fortinet’s solution focuses on organisations with legacy security processes and limited security personnel. According to Fortinet, they find it difficult to investigate all reports manually. This increases the response time, and with it the chance of a successful campaign by a cyber criminal. The deep neural networks automate threat analysis, so that the complete trajectory of the threat can be mapped out in less than a second.

Finally, FortiAI wants to minimise the number of false positives, as security teams are now tasked with distinguishing between false positives and justified reports. The solution is capable of recognising new malware features by providing customised threat intelligence. This allows FortiAI to adapt immediately to new attacks and minimise false positives.

FortiAI thus provides artificial intelligence on location, which is useful for organisations with physically separated networks. The AI model does not need an internet connection to develop further.

The security company was due to organise a major user event recently, but decided to cancel the conference due to the coronavirus. However, the announcements continued, which resulted among other things in a new version of the operating system FortiOS and SD-WAN-device FortiGate 40F.