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The World Health Organization (WHO) was attacked by elite hackers earlier this month. Reuters reports this based on sources within the organisation. According to the source, there was a large increase in attacks on WHO systems in a short period of time.

According to the head of security at the WHO, Flavio Aggio, it is not known who is behind the cyber attack. However, he was able to report that the hackers failed to penetrate the organisation’s systems. According to Aggio, the hackers tried to find out employee passwords using a fake website that resembled the organisation’s internal mail system.

It is not new that the World Health Organization is a target for hackers, but since the corona virus outbreak worldwide, there has been an enormous increase in hacking attempts, according to Aggio. It is not clear what the motives of the hackers are.

Security experts have already warned against cyber attacks on organisations in possession of crucial information about the coronavirus. Information about tests or possible vaccines are worth a lot of money, but can also be of great value to governments.