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Box, a specialist in the field of cloud-based content management and cloud storage, has recently updated its security tool Box Shield. The update focuses on new functionality for detecting malware.

The Box Shield solution from the cloud-based content management and storage specialist should enable users to automatically or manually apply security classifications and policies to their content and data stored in Box. In addition, with machine learning, the security service ensures that administrators are automatically alerted when abnormal behavior occurs within a user environment.

Recent update in functionality

The now released update not only analyses suspicious behaviour, but also adds protection to protect customers from uploading malicious content. For example, it now allows end users to safely access and edit files in Box by indicating the security risks of this content in real time.

In addition, Box Shield now ensures that users are automatically restricted in downloading and sharing infected files. This automatically prevents further distribution. The tool also generates alerts that bring security specialists up to speed when a malware-infected file is uploaded to Box.

Malware scanning

Box Shield takes care of the above security measures by scanning all files for malware at the moment they are uploaded to Box. In addition, regular scans of already existing files within customers’ Box environment are performed to ensure that none of the files are infected.

In the unlikely event that a malicious file is found, administrators and security specialists are automatically brought to the top of the list so they can intervene.

The new functionality in Box Shield will be available at the end of this month.